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Climbing Canarias is a project that was created to provide a service to restless people, with the need to enjoy sport in a natural environment and with the desire to make the most of the sensations that mountain sports offer us. 


Climbing is perhaps the modality that has the most repertoire and styles, such as bouldering, sport climbing, multi-pitch routes, classic, big walls, etc. Each of them has its own style, technique, gestures and management of the material.

A whole exciting world to discover and learn, where every wall, every step, every movement is different and demands the maximum from each one of us. Climbing is a sport that brings out the best in you, it is capable of taking you to your limits where the control of your mind and body is the most important thing. You learn to manage fear, to control it, to normalize it and introduce it as part of your personal growth. The feeling of overcoming one's personal challenges and reaching a magical summit or having overcome your maximum degree of difficulty in sport climbing or bouldering is inexplicable. 

Climbing is a very special sport, it is a look inside yourself, to know more, to know what your strengths and weaknesses are and to grow with them. There is no other sport that gives you so much in just one day. Sharing a wonderful day with your climbing partner on a challenging route, reaching the desired summit and embracing happiness, is one of life's pleasures to be savoured. Life is ephemeral and it is out there to be lived.

«...reaching the desired summit and embracing happiness is one of life's pleasures to be enjoyed»



 Técnico Deportivo Superior en Escalada (TD3) y guía de escalada

To climb a multi-pitch route with all the safety guarantees, the safest option is to hire the services of a professional guide who will accompany you and guarantee you the full enjoyment of the climb and the natural environment around you.

The Climbing Canarias guiding team is a member of the Spanish Association of Mountain Guides.