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If you are a restless person and you like practising sports in nature and you find climbing interesting, but you don't dare because you want to start doing things right, this is the ideal course for you.

The best way to start a sport is to get a basic training base so that you don't make mistakes that you may regret later. Sport climbing is a 100% safe sport if you learn and respect safety techniques. This course will also be ideal for you if you are a rock climbing enthusiast and would like to develop your learned skills, but don't know how to do it safely on natural rock.



  • Securing position.

  • Fall retention.

  • Plating techniques.

  • Material handling.

  • Top rope climbing.

  • Introduction to first or first climbing.

  • Introduction to the assembly and disassembly of fixed hangers.

  • Introduction to gestural technique.

  • Introduction to specific training.

  • The sports grade.

  • Essential knots

  • Types of anchorages.

  • Release points.

  • Types of harnesses.

  • Climbing shoes

  • Quickdraws and their correct use.

  • Helmet use.

  • Fall restraint devices.

This section will be the pillar of the course.

  • Communication with the rope team.

  • Double check or maneuver review with your partner/partner.

  • Evaluate a safe route with discretion.

  • Detect suspicious anchors and drop-offs.

  • Basic notions of anchor metallurgy.

  • Basic concepts of corrosion of stainless steels and steels.

  • Verification of individual and collective protection material.

  • Correct position of the insurer. 

  • Get off the hooks safely.

  • The end of rope.

  • Duties of the insurer.

  • How to abandon a path.

  • Protocol in case of an accident.

  • The natural environment.

  • Fauna and flora of the place.

  • Regulation of natural areas.

  • What we can and can’t do.

  • The importance of leaving things as we find them.

  • How to do our physical needs in the bush.

  • Civic behavior in climbing schools.

  • How to use the tracks.


If you already want to get started, don't hesitate and apply for the course now.